​All competitors will be evaluated by the judge and show manager during the course of the competition. Several competitors from Hunter Day & Jumper Day will be invited following the competition to submit brief essays on how they would use the scholarship funds to further their Thoroughbred's sport horse career. Plans might include lessons, clinics, horse shows, or special events. Essays will be due two weeks following the end of the horse show.

The horse show committee will evaluate the essays and select winners. All scholarship funds will be paid directly to the instructor, clinician, horse show, or event.

Prize Money  2019

Baby Green, Pleasure, Furlongs to Fences Champions -TBD
Low Hunter Stake - TBD

Junior/Am Stake - TBD
High Hunter Stake - TBD
Boudinot Hunter Derby - $1500


Furlongs to Fences Jumper

Champion - TBD
0.8M Stake - TBD
1.0M Stake - TBD
1.15 M Stake - $1000


The Kathee Rengert Fair Hill Training Center High Score Hunter Award - $250

The Kathee Rengert Fair Hill Training Center High Score Jumper Award - $250

High Score PA-Bred Horse   -  $250
High Score Aftercare Organization Graduate (each day) - $500

Jockey Club TIP

Be sure to register your horse for a TIP number if you would like to qualify for the additional prizes. We are a qualifying show for the Championships! Visit the Jockey Club TIP website for more details.



Fair Hill Thoroughbred Show

September 20, 21 & 22, 2019

Judge: Ms Beth Spatz of Kirkwood, PA

Friday, September 20


5pm to 8pm

Saturday, September 21
Hunter Day
Stakes Classes and Hunter Derby
Furlongs To Fences Division

Sunday, September 22
Jumper Day
Stakes Classes

 Furlongs To Fences Division

Competitive Trail Ride

Fair Hill Natural Resources Center
4640 Telegraph Rd(Rt. 273) Elkton, Md.


1. Entry fees $15 per class. Entries close Sept. 14. Post entries accepted, space permitting, at $20 per class. Entries may be made by mail, email, fax or phone. Check, cash, or credit card required to pick up number. Entry forms must be filled out entirely, incl. tax ID information needed to pay prize money.
2. All competitors are required to enter at least one other class in their division in order to enter the stake class Derby entries must have entered another full division in order to qualify. Current (within 12 months) negative Coggins test required for all horses entering show grounds.
3. Please include a completed biography form for each entered horse. Must be received by Sept. 14 to be included in announcements.
4. Please scratch/add classes at the Secretary’s office.
5. Eight ribbons and other prizes awarded for each class. Championships awarded for each division. Prize monies will be mailed to the owner . Owners Tax ID required on entry form.
6. Classes will be run following USEF Rules as guidelines. ASTM regulation approved helmets must be worn and properly fastened at all times when mounted. Management may divide, combine or cancel classes if necessary. The decision of the Judge and/or Show Committee will be final.
7. The Fair Hill Thoroughbred Show, Horse Show Committee, and/or Fair Hill Natural Re-source Area will not be responsible for any damage, injury or loss to persons, horse/pony, or property of exhibitor or spectator incurred on or off the show grounds.
8. Morning schooling permitted on Hunter Day until 7:45. Handwalking and hacking ONLY permitted on Jumper Day until 8:45.
9. Fence heights are approximate.
10. No martingales permitted in under saddle classes.
11. All dogs must be on leashes, no exceptions.
12. Stall reservations: Stalls are available at $20/day. Occupancy may begin as of 3 PM, Fri., Sept. 20. Stalls to be stripped upon vacating. Straw bedding only, avail. for purchase. Contact Lisa Demars 610-593-7348 See website for reservation form. Availability is limited and reservations must be made by Sept. 7, 2019
13. Published prize monies are minimums; will increase with the success of our fundraising.

Hunter Day

Saturday, September 21 at 8am

Baby Green Hunter Division –for horses beginning their show careers.  Suitability as a potential hunter to be considered. Manners, way of going, style over fences to count.  Trotting in corners permitted.
1. Baby Green W-T Under Saddle
2. Baby Green W-T-C Under Saddle
3. Baby Green Over Fences—course of approx. 8 fences at 2’

Pleasure Division—We invite riders of ALL DISCIPLINES to participate -to give a pleasant, safe, responsive ride.  Manners, way of  going, style over fences to count.
4. Pleasure W-T Under Saddle—TIP class
5. Pleasure W-T-C Under Saddle—TIP class
6. Pleasure Over Fences—approx. 8 fences at 2’3”

Furlongs-to-Fences Division—For horses off the track less than 1 yr. Designed to give the horse just starting its 2nd career a pleasant show experience.
7.Model Class—to be shown in hand. Suitability as a sport horse to count.
8. F2F W-T Under Saddle
9. F2F W-T-C Under Saddle
10.F2F Hunter Hack—W-T-C and 2 jumps at 2’

11. Leadline Class—Children 6 and under.  Suitability and safety strongly considered.

Junior/Amateur Hunter Division—to be ridden by a junior or amateur rider.  Fences 2’3”.
12. Jr/Am Over Fences
13. Jr/Am Over Fences Stake
14. Jr/Am Under Saddle

Low Open Hunter Division—open to all.  Fences 2’6”.  A TIP division.
15. Low Hunter Over Fences
16. Low Hunter Over Fences Stake
17. Low Hunter Under Saddle

High Open Hunter Division—open to all.  Fences 3’
18. High Hunter Over Fences
19. High Hunter Over Fences Stake
20 High Hunter Under Saddle

21. $1500 Hunter Derby—Fences 2’9”. Open  numerical scoring.  Formal attire requested.
First  Round—judged and pinned as a TIP Hunter Classic
Second Round—judged and pinned as a TIP Handy Hunter
Overall Derby results will be the combined scores from both rounds.

Jumper Day

Sunday, September 22 at 9 AM

Furlongs to Fences Jumpers (0.70 M, up to 2’3”) 
23. Clear Round (Table II) 
24. Optimum Time in First Round (Table IV, Sec. 1) 
25. Time First Jump-Off   (Table II, Sec. 2b) 

0.80 Meter Division (up to 2’7”)
22. Optimum Time in First Round (Table IV, Sec. 1)
23. Power and Speed (Table II, Sec. 2c)
24. Stake—(Table II, Sec. 2b) Timed first jump off
1.0 Meter Division (up to 3’3”)
25. Optimum Time in First Round (Table IV, Sec. 1)
26. Power and Speed (Table II, Sec. 2c)
27. Stake (Table II, Sec. 2b) - Timed first jump off

1.15 Meter Division (up tp 3’9”)
28. Optimum Time in First Round (Table IV, Sec. 1)
29. Power and Speed (Table II Sec. 2c)
30. $1000 Stake (Table II, Sec. 2a) - Timed first jump off. One jump off to occur after all competitors have completed the first round.  A TIP Jumper Classic class.

Chesapeake Competitive Trail Ride Thoroughbred Division 
A 10 mile competitive trail ride scored on a Pass/Fail basis.  Entry $50, overnight stabling required.  Run under ECTRA Rules.  Please visit for rules and entry information, for stabling